Eh….why not?

I haven’t selfie-d in a really long time, so….Merry Christmas.


Awaiting return.

We were sparkling jewels in the darkness.
A glitter and luster breeding envy in the stars.
How brilliant life was in the past tense.
Now this light flickers dim as my
bed is empty and my longing overflows.
I have crawled through agonizing heartbeats.
Climbed a thousand trees and refused
endless dreams in search of this very moment.
A whispered princess from the lips of my knight.
It’s fascinating and painful how time changes us..
and I would take you every way possible.
We could be eternal, we could be adventurous,
we could be all my surreal daydreams desire.
Lazy, afire, sordid and content.
You can’t say that you don’t miss me.


You own my body.
Infinite, agreeable,
with such passion and strength,
ready rule and unrelenting.
Torture, temperament and control.
…and the vultures begin to circle.
Let me hear you roar in command…
so brazen master and dirty little secret.
Forgive my defiance, for I need to be punished.
Sinking teeth, tightened grip, skin aflame,
bent and arched, we must stay obedient.
Tell me your hands on my flesh satisfies,
or have me until your thirst is sated.
I will surrender to every desire
held hard beneath the weight of your muscles.
Roughened fingertips under my chin,
lift my face toward heaven,
seductive eyes and full lips whispering,
You are a good girl.

Let me fill you in.

  • So, guess who got a trip to the ER Saturday night….? Me. This girl right here.  :(   I had been having problems with asthma/bronchitis for a week, and Saturday night, I quite literally thought I was dying. Wheezing, coughing, couldn’t get a deep breath….scary. Not cool. Don’t wanna do that again.
  • All I want is a little blue Christmas tree…but I can’t find one anywhere. :/
  • I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on shopping since Friday, but I think I may almost have all my Christmas shopping done. So, yay!
  • I have been all about some SongPop lately. You know SongPop…that ‘guess the song’ Facebook game. It’s weird, but I love it.
  • So, I had a dream last night that both my parents died…on the same day….at the same time. And, for some bizarre reason, they both had glass top caskets and my mother was in her wedding dress. I was so creeped out and uncomfortable when I woke up, that I almost didn’t want to go back to sleep.

Shallow Living

Darkness falls far before we do.
Whisky-hardened hearts and children of independence.
Short skirts and shorter attention spans.
You have seconds to excite me.
Ready. Set. Go.
We hide our secrets in leather sofas
but leave our souls bared beneath dim streetlights.
Corners that are haunted with the warm and harsh
taste of your lips parting mine, cool and passionate.
Some nights are designed to live forever.
Tattoos wash away with smiles and regrets,
rivers of sins flowing through dusty gutters.
Vodka tumblers hold as much promise as every green light.
Life begins anew behind every wooden door,
every bathroom mirror, every rain soaked window.
We are products of gratification…
instant, spontaneous, immortal.


We are rare creatures with diamonds in our blood.
Patina staffs, silk, ethereal cotton candy daydreams.
Rulers of kingdoms that exist in asphalt jungles and fairy tales.
We demand nothing less than cushioned luxury,
but nothing more than flawed perfection.
Kings and queens of contradiction.
We build our walls of glitter and glass,
sparkling across peasant moors and monopoly boards.
Shall we sate their thirst with champagne
or leave them impossibly wanting?
Our avarice is undeniable as we sit atop
thrones of ruby red sapphire gold.
But I am kind, my love, and always will be.
We spend our days in boredom and nights in worship.
Dreams of chandeliers and ballrooms,
gowns, walls and lips dripping with opulence.
How difficult life would be if not so indulgent,
not so breathlessly enjoyed and unmasked,
heads heavily raising steel crowns and tiaras.

Daily Want!


  • Well, I’ve had the great fortune of spending my entire week sick. Sinus infection, bronchitis, what-the-frig-ever else. But, with some steroids and antibiotics, I can finally breathe again.
  • You know that feeling when you are hardcore craving something…and you just can’t figure out what that something is?  I hate that. I’m hungry and I hate that.
  • Why can’t I be impossibly cool?  Everything I do, I feel like such a dork dorky dork. I’d love a little coolness…just once.
  • Have you seen Midnight in Paris? If yes, congratulations on watching such an amazing movie. If not, do it right now so we can talk about how amazing it is.


Let me build this infinitely high.
A beacon to the galaxies
and a deterrent for the future.
A darkened heap, collection of
memories, words, kisses, touches,
sin-riddled tokens of everything you are,
everything you could have been,
everything you weren’t to me.
This will be an epic light show.
A single match to set ablaze this
unreliable, swaying bridge between us.
Every night spent in your fantasy,
longing heartbeats, unanswered questions,
moments I thought you were mine…
now sizzle and pop a thousand degrees,
and it highlights this devilish smile.
You can cry a flood to extinguish.
Conjure ancient mystics to dance in the flames.
But, just as mine, your attempts are meaningless.
I will watch you burn.

The unfairness of life.

This is what happens when you so innocently try to give your kitten a bath….something, by the way, she has experienced every week of her life. But, like most children, it takes an act of God to get them in the tub and just as strong an act to get them out.