• I almost punted my kitten this morning. Not even trying to lie. She decided that 6AM would be a good time to spill a cup of water all over my carpet and my laptop. This is, like, the third time she’s knocked a cup over and the second time she’s done it on my laptop. ….I don’t even know….what is happening….

  • Someone needs to hurry up and marry me, because girlfriend is getting antsy over here.
  • So, my dad has a kidney stone…for the 19th time in his life. (Not even joking; I asked how many.) And I’m wondering if it’s a hereditary thing and if I’m next. Wouldn’t that suck….
  • Hey! Did anybody know that Channing Tatum is from Alabama? From a town that is actually not too far from me, I do believe. Interesting, but do you know what would be even more interesting? If, you know, Tom Hiddleston or Adam Young were from Alabama, because then I might actually have a shot….and that would be magnificent.   

Changing seasons…

I can feel autumn in my bones.
The death of summer’s cruelty fading
to winter’s frozen anticipation.
A chill crawling through muscles
given unlike any other.
Fall is our remembrance.
I see you in the fallen leaves
transformed red, yellow and orange.
Taste you on these fingertips stained with your kiss
and soaked in harvest moon glow.
Feel you in the crisp, jagged air,
whistling and whirling around willow trees and mausoleums.
You are still enough to keep me warm.
These barren streets and parking lots are a memorial,
a sacred place I’ve dedicated to hopelessly
and helplessly falling for spirits and apparitions.
How empty my soul feels without you.
I miss you so.
Star-crossed love, come back to me.

Continued inquisition.

The solitary subject of my guesses.
Motivation for every word.
How can I wonder so much and still not know.
Tell me. Show me.
Full lips and fingertips…
teeth and growls, stares that burn through skin.
Is it left and right. Up and down.
Deep until shoulders meet hips in an aching explosion.
Shallow tease so pleading screams echo
from the most primal depths.
Dominant or dominated…
Marble carved muscle trails to helpless wrists,
fists against headboards, battered walls,
games form through lips so eager to charm…
yes, master, please.
Or prismatic and ethereal, 
a moment made for novels and poems,
as a dream once had on a cool autumn night….
do you shatter reality?
Lover, come.
Prove me wrong, prove me right,
prove me to be so unprepared for everything you are.
Fleshly imperfection so violently craved by your aroused audience.
This audience of one. Breathless, impatient, thirsty.

Tiny thoughts…

  • I have declared this a weekend for movies. When you feel like total crap and want nothing more than to stuff your face with chocolate chip cookies, you’ve got to do something to keep your mind occupied. Perks of Being a Wallflower, Magic Mike, Shame, Limitless, Chloe, Warm Bodies…..awww yissssss.

  • I haven’t had a kiss in over a month. ….I miss it.
  • I got to drive all the way home last night on a flat tire. I swear, no one in the world is more talented at finding rogue nails and screws to run over. 
  • You know how some people in movies get theme songs or a certain song will play when they walk into a room? Yeah, I totally want one. I wonder what my song would be….

September love.

Won’t you hold me warm.
Kiss away sorrow from each heavy eye.
Cradle my thoughts and stroke each dream.
How sweet you are, September love.
This is butterflies and atom bombs.
Ridiculous smiles and painful hesitation.
How you manifest so intense is a miracle
cloaked within a curse.
I beg you bathe yourself in my crimson rivers.
How overwhelmed I am, September love.
Call this daydream genesis.
A morning spent lost in sordid, midnight musing
now springs alive as a hand across my thigh.
Twirl my hair around day-stained fingers
as dilated eyes and eager teeth strip my soul bare.
How naughty can you get, September love.
I crave these moments…
yearn and fiend for your skin, your heartbeat,
your mere presence in this barren castle.
A roomful of questions and every answer screams
of you, September love. 
Dear September love.

Daily Want!

I’ve been on such a reading kick and this makes me want to cry.

Things I do not do.

I do not…..

watch the news. It’s glorified gossip packaged as noteworthy news stories. Half of that stuff is none of anybody’s business and, most likely, insanely exaggerated to sound dramatic. No. Ridiculous.

listen to the radio. Here in good ol’ HuntsVegas, your choices are country, top 40, and a painful mix of 80s and 90s. Oh wait, wait. Those are your choices if you can manage to survive the bajillion commercials. Last time I tried listening to the radio, it was (and this is no joke) six commercials, one song, 5 commercials. That’s why if you ride in the car with me, it’s iPod or awkward silence.

type with my fingers on the home keys. I, honestly, can’t even tell you what the home keys are. My hands may stay sprawled across the keyboard and it looks like a flying mess when I start to type….but I don’t have to look at the keyboard and I can find my way across that thing like a scalded cheetah. Quick.

wear makeup. Here’s my bit o’ clarification: I wear mascara and eyeliner. Lipgloss when I’m bored. But all that powder, foundation, primer crap? No no. Don’t need it, don’t like it, don’t wear it.

watch potentially real scary movies. Horror movies about ghosts, vampires, zombies, werewolves, I can watch those because I know they’re not real. As cool as it would be, those things can’t exist. But when you get into the movies about voodoo, satanism, possession, exorcism, anti-Christ….nope nope no no no. Can’t do those. That shiz can really happen. Whether you acknowledge or accept the existence of a deity or not, you don’t mess with them. You don’t mess with Satan. You definitely don’t mess with God. They will make their presence felt.

understand why men freak out over female body hair. …pretty self explanatory. Speaking as one of the fuzziest people you could ever meet, I already shave my legs, get rid of what hair I can, so…what more do you want? Can’t handle a woman with a little body hair? You don’t deserve a real woman. 

believe people that think fire departments only respond to fires.  :|  Really? Firefighters only go to fires? ….really? Firefighters pretty much get toned out for every emergency that a cop gets called out for. Vehicle accidents, hazmats, medical emergencies, domestic calls. And the fire department is probably going to show up before the cop does.  

Not wants, but needs.

Journal and ink

Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I’ve written a poem?? Too long. I’m trapped in a wasteland of writer’s block.

...and it's only Tuesday....

…and it’s only Tuesday…. ovaries are in complete explosion mode.

Fuuuu….my ovaries are in complete explosion mode.

Frozen - Promo poster

I’ve been singing the songs all day….so I kinda sorta needa watch it.

The best pants are no pants

Seriously. It’s too hot for clothes, period. It might be time to go home and shed.

Daily Want!



….there are no words.

Sleep deprivation makes me violent.

  • I wanted a puppy; God gave me a kitten. So, does that mean since I want all boy children, that I’m going to have all girls?? Oh, please no.
  • You know what I saw today for the first time in years?? 6 AM. ….It sucks.
  • It’s oddly unsettling to drop about $500 in one day. It makes me and my bank account cry very real tears.
  • Tell me something…..would it be totally wrong to cuss out an elderly woman? Because I had a few choice words lurking in my brain this morning and they very, very badly wanted to come out.