My day in a nutshell.

My morning….


My afternoon….


Clearly, one is better than the other.


  • My room does not look like it belongs to a 27 year old woman….but more like it belongs to a 15 year old girl. Is this sad….or adorable?
  • For anyone who may be curious about whether or not Aaron Paul saying ‘Xbox on’ in the XBox One commercial he does will, in fact, turn your Xbox on…..yes…yes, it will. Especially when you have the Kinect sitting right in front of the TV speaker.
  • My current biorhythms (or uterus cravings) have me insanely attracted to facial scruff and awkward shyness. Rather odd…..
  • Clumsiness has got to be hereditary….I mean, right??

The kitten has declared war…

…and it would appear that I’m losing.


My want list….

As my job morphs into something exponentially more stressful and busy and I have a kitten tagalong that gets sassier by the minute, it would be totally awesome to be able to have all these things….all at once….all right now….

Catcher in the Rye and coffeeBucket chair

TH - In the sunCap'n Crunch and  yogurt

Let’s talk about….

  • ….things you do when you’re sick: wallow in bed. Take any med I can get. Drink a ton. Take about 4 baths a day. Nap nap nap.
  • …..your favorite part of someone else’s body: What a weird topic. I’m not sure, but I can say I have a weird obsession with ear lobes. They’re so soft and spongy and you can flick them and squish them. Haha. Odd but it fascinates me.
  • .your fetishes: I’m not a fan of the word ‘fetish’. It just sounds so dirty and weird and wrong….maybe because it’s most often used in combination with being turned on by something really bizarre. I don’t know…I can’t even comment on the topic. Too weird.
  • ….what turns you on: A big smile. Sarcastic sense of humor. A deep voice. Whispering. Anything and everything having to do with Mr. Cumberbatch.  :D
  • ….what turns you off: Arrogance/vanity. Impoliteness. A really annoying laugh. Bad taste in music (not even playing…so not attractive).
  • ….what you think death is like: I try my best not to think about it, because the idea of being so out of control of a situation really really bothers me. I mean, if you honestly stop and think about how it would feel to stop breathing – something you’ve done reflexively your entire life – it freaks me the eff out. Buuut….at the same time, it also sounds intensely relaxing and incredibly liberating. Kind of like feeling your spine decompress once you finally get in bed at night.
  • ….a place you remember from your childhood: Um, I still pretty much go to every place I remember from my childhood. Tis what happens when you live in the same city your whole life. But, there is one place I haven’t been to since I was a kid…and I am insanely pissed about it : Discovery Zone. Somebody tell me you remember that place!! The tunnels, ball pits, slides, games….oooooomg. I miss it.
  • ….what you do when you are sad: Bring my bottled friends out of the closet, turn on some slow and/or slinky music, and just wallow in my own self-pity.

Throwback Thursday..? Whatever.

People tell me I still make this face. (I'm not really sure....I can't see myself.)

People tell me I still make this face. (I’m not really sure….I can’t see myself.)

Gather round children…let me learn you something.

For anyone out there who would like to know what it’s like to have a child (without actually procreating), I suggest you go out and get yourself a 2 to 4 week old kitten. You have to clean up after them when they go to the bathroom (and kittens will go anywhere), get up to feed them at 2AM (and 4…and 6…and then when you have to go to work), rock them to sleep, keep them warm, and feed them from a bottle. The only downside to having a kitten and the positive to having a child is that you can take a child anywhere. To a restaurant, the bookstore, grocery store, anywhere else you’d like to take them. Kittens? No no. You have to find someone to babysit, because, just like chillens, they cannot be left alone.  I have been confined to work and my house for the past two weeks. Oh *sigh*…I miss the outside world. And I most definitely understand why people say to have kids after you get married. That way you aren’t the only one getting up in the wee morning hours when the baby needs attention. Help. You have help. …..I could use a little help.
Now, I know this sounds a bit whiney. And, I will admit, I am exhausted and stressed out…but finding and keeping my little kitty Oakley has been amazing. (That is a lot to say for someone who has spent her entire life loathing cats and all their devilish, minion-y ways.) It’s rather nifty watching her grow and learn to play and do general cat stuff around the house. She makes me laugh like no other pet has before..probably because she scoots and jogs around like a drunk and always sprints to hide underneath the recliner.  At the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade the sleepless nights and aggravated feedings for anything.
I mean, come on….how can you not love this little face….


My Untitled Kitten

(We can’t seem to agree on a name….but she’s cute, anyway.)

20140507_121043 20140503_145121 20140507_121626 20140507_174901

You don’t even realize how odd this is.

I have a new pet.
It’s a baby kitten.
…what is the world coming to??

Weather, weather everywhere.

When you live in Alabama for your entire life, weather never shocks you. I spent the entire day watching tornadoes come through the area, racing away from one that could have come through my neighborhood, giggling each time lightning made my parents perk up like meerkats…..and you know what I learned from this? I am the least dramatic person in my house. Shocking, really. But when you have survived a handful of a tornadoes over the course of your lifetime, it worries you less and less.
Tornado coming? Bring it on. Not much I can do about it anyway.