• Which happy girl got to see Avenged Sevenfold in concert last night? This one! Had to sit through 2 hours of craptastic opening bands, but the main act was so friggin awesome.
  • Being an English major, I kind of take a special happiness in being able to spell words that most people can’t. However, I do have the hardest time spelling ‘necessary’. I always always want to put two c’s in there…every single time. Neccessary.
  • So, I have found somewhere to live : Poveglia. It’s Italian, on it’s own little island, oh…and it’s totally haunted. I want it. Check it out here. Anyone wanna go in on it with me?? hehe 😀

About Snarky JP

I am a poet, daydreamer, and a lover of things I cannot have. :)

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